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We like playing it safe…

We believe that everyone should have a safe, healthy and successful transition from childhood into adulthood. Yet, too often, young people become adults in contexts that are fraught with misinformation, abuse and lack of support. These unsupportive environments breed maladjusted individuals who in turn engage in and perpetuate dangerous behaviours.

We believe that poverty, ignorance and disease are intersecting epidemics and as such, STI control interventions must necessarily comprise education and testing.

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Our Organisation is dedicated to eradicating sexually transmitted diseases and infections in Lagos, Nigeria through the establishment of affordable mobile health clinics. 

Nigeria’s population of ~175 million is nearly one-quarter of Sub-Saharan Africa’s population and ~64% of this population is under the age of 24. Amongst Nigerians aged 15-49, the prevalence rate of HIV and AIDS is estimated at 3.2%, consequently, Nigeria has the second highest burden of HIV and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa, with approximately three and a half million Nigerians living with HIV. Additionally, the prevalence rate of other common STIs is significantly higher and growing, and STI infection is shown to increase likelihood of HIV infection. 

Our target population is youth ages 16-30, the most populous and most at-risk of infection in Nigeria. Our objectives are:

  • To give young people access to accurate, up-to-date sexual health information.

  • To increase access to STI testing, a scarce and expensive resource even in the nation’s commercial capital.

  • To prevent the spread of STIs especially HIV/AIDS through STI control methods

  • To integrate patients into existing social services and health care systems.

  • To provide free intermittent counselling to serve our target population across the city.

  • To demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of the Sexual Health Mobile Clinics by reaching at least 500 youth with critical testing and infection prevention resources.

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